In the last 3 years the SATOSHI CRYPTOBANK team has been building the platform where the cryptobanking services are being launched; The next stage in our development will be the launch of a cryptobanking encryption payment platform.

Which, in turn, will have its own crypto currency SATO; to accelerate as BLOCKCHAIN ​​engine fuel in this transactional process. This platform will be ready for launch during the month of April 2018.


The SATOSHI CRYPTOBANK management team is composed of highly qualified professionals Experienced in digital payments. Some come from the most innovative sectors of the world and have invested more than 3 years in developing payment and digital banking solutions. The team has the support of highly experienced financial professionals and high executives. level that have been played in several countries of the world. As a whole, the mentioned team of professionals has attracted investments for more than USD 50 millions towards the projects SATOSHI CRYPTOBANK has created and developed, including PayQR (the main independent platform for “contactless” payments in Latin America).

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