What is SATO?

It is a Token for commercial exchange; is not a digital currency, title, merchandise or other official fiduciary instrument and is not registered under the fiduciary Financial Securities Act, the fiduciary financial securities laws of any state of the United States or the fiduciary financial securities laws of any other country ; including the fiduciary financial securities laws of any jurisdiction of which a potential Token holder is a resident.

What is Mobile Cryptobanco?

It is an application where every Cryptousuario of SATOSHI CRYPTOBANK, will be able to realize of immediate way transactions on the current infrastructures of credit cards more important of the world. Gone are the days when you need to request a debit card and wait weeks for it to be delivered. SATOSHI CRYPTOBANK customers will be able to instantly pay with Token from SATO and other standard cryptoactive for the acquisition of products or services in any POS terminal all around the world.

Where can I download the application?

You can download the application from AppStore and Google Store.

What percentage do they charge me if I want to make a payment?

Each time a person makes a payment, a charge of 0.5% of the value of the transaction is removed from the account of the Token holder, excluding from this fee, the owners of SATO and used as an instrument (fuel) for the transaction. The ownership of a SATO Token creates a reserve that can be used as fuel for future transactions.SATOSHI CRYPTOBANK is absolutely committed to being transparent with the Cryptousuario. Other platforms offer 0% of fee in transactions of conversion of fiduciary money to cryptoactive, which is a deceptive offer to the Cryptousuario; in our cryptobank this will not happen.

What benefit do I get if I am a merchant?

Currently merchants pay for services, either by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or others, through a percentage of the payment they receive. Some of these commissions can reach 5% or 6%. With the cryptoecosystem of SATOSHI CRYPTOBANK, merchants could pay from 0.5% and up to 1% of their turnover; 0.15% of this billing will go to the Monthly Loyalty Program to thank the buyers for making their transactions. The higher the volume of transactions for a crypto user, the greater rewards for loyalty you will receive.

What transactions can be made in this Cryptobank?

Purchase and sale of SATO, BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH, NEO, MIOTA, BNB and many other cryptoactive and Token.

-International transfers to any account from any blockchain wallet, including bank cards; without limits or restrictions (only those that apply for the purpose of fighting against the legitimization of capital and financing of terrorism).

-Conversion and change between cryptoactives.

– Direct payment for basic services (telephone, gas, electricity), fines, loans, taxes, fuel, subscription TV, internet, among others.

– Automatic payments.

– Historical data of transactions (including classification services such as filters and payment categories).

-Transactions of fiduciary money to cryptoactive and vice versa.

How does the payment work through the QR code?

The APP developed by SATOSHI CRYPTOBANK allows any online store to display a QR code that can be read by the crypto-client of SATOSHI CRYPTOBANK’s mobile Cryptobank to scan that code and make a payment using cryptoactives in the same way as it would at any point of payments without contact.

Satoshi CryptoBank will have the Cryptocrediti system?

SATOSHI CRYPTOBANK will implement for its use and handling in routine operations the term “Plus” to refer to what is traditionally known in the fiduciary world as “Credit”; creating as Cryptobank’s Management Structure the “Vice-Presidency of CriptoPlus”, which following and enforcing the policies emanated from the Board of Directors and the Presidency of the Institution; will carry out the conducive for the putting into operation of all the CryptoProducts.

What are the Active Crypto Products?

  • Cripto Plus = Credits
  • Cript Plus Card = Credit Card
  • CriptoempresasPlus
  • CryptocompaniesPlus Card

What are the Passive Crypto Products?

-Crypto Account = Current Account

– Debit Credit = Debit Card

-Crypto Vista = Deposit in Sight

– Fixed Money = Time Deposit

What is Satoshi Insurance?

It is an effective means to cover multiple risks that will be guaranteed with the acquisition of different types of policies (HCM, life, vehicles, bonds, home, companies, etc.), with the additional factor that guaranteed goods and services they will be fully covered, motivated that SATO is the guarantee of no devaluation.

What is Satoshi Financier?

The objective is the provision of the crypto financing service to users of Satoshi Insurance so they can afford their premiums.

The crypto financing is the legal or natural person that entrusts to Satoshi Premium Financing the total amount of the premium corresponding to the policy requested.

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